There doesn't seem to be any way to tell if another user has already opened a story for editing. Two or more users can edit the same story concurrently and whoever saves last wins!

Is there a way to warn if a story is being edited, either when you start editing or when that the content of the story has changed since you have opened and now before saving the story ?


  • agree.

    suggestion: we would like to know how many people are currently editing a Story, similar to sharing in Google docs, e.g. '2 other people are here' notification. OR before saving, notify that these changes may overwrite another user's recent change.

  • Last save wins has caused our business lots of problems with data loss. Users spending a lot of time entering details in a Story or Defect only to have it all overwritten and completely lost. This has only been a problem in the pretty recent past so something must have changed with how is handling save conflicts. Please fix this ASAP!

  • Another suggestion: our team typically appends (or prepends) to the Description field. Maybe instead of everyone just editing that text area, capture each change as a history, similar to the Comments UI here. That way you are not stepping on any other user's changes.

  • Since we are still experiencing a completely unreliable data saving process in Agility, I'm pinging this Idea again. Last save wins doesn't work for teams who have multiple contributors to Assets and no idea if someone else is also making edits.