Is it possible to configure the Estimably session to stop timing out after ~10+ minutes?
We sometimes have numerous discussions around certain stories and splitting them on the fly.
When we get back to the voting sessions in Estimably, the game timed-out and we all have to rejoin.
I was hoping that there is configuration that the System Administrator can tweak to increase the session to 60 min or 120 min.
Please let me know if you need more details.
Thank you.
Florin Z.


  • We love the tool, but are constantly running into this issue as well. Please make it configurable or extend it to at elast an hour.

  • This is also a constant problem for our team. We have to set a 5-minute timer on someone's phone. When it goes off the organizer starts and stops a voting session just to keep the game alive.

  • -1

    I personally would be a little upset if this timeout got extended. I use the timeout as a wake up call to remind teams that they are taking too long to do something that should take only a handful of minutes. That if they are hitting that timeout, they are doing it wrong.

    Estimating is supposed to be quick and efficient. I LOOOOOOOVE the short timeout. I tell my teams (jokingly) that there is someone over a V1 asleep drooling into a keyboard because they are taking so long to estimate a story and that's what caused the timeout.

  • We often have a problem with timeout too and would like for it to be increased to 15 minutes. We do estimating along side refinement and therefore it can be 10-15 minutes depending on the quality and complexity of the story coming into refinement.

  • We would also request extending the timeout as this has been an issue for us. We also do estimating with refinement and finding that sometimes needing to create 2-3 different games during an hour long ceremony. I personally agree that timeboxing the discussion of each story is useful, but it would be better to add a Timer/Countdown feature within Estimably, rather than just timeout.