As V1 exists today, backlog items which are worked on during multiple sprints must be "split", creating new backlog items. This essentially requires the creation of duplicate backlog items, which complicates tracking and reporting.

It is not uncommon for a backlog item to be originally assigned to one release, and after being split it is pushed to a subsequent release. The original backlog item, however, is still assigned to the original release. It is easy to overlook this, and even when realized it requires both the original item and the sprint to be reopened before the story can be moved.

Furthermore, reports (such as release notes) may contain duplicate items which may need to be manually filtered.

I would like to see this replaced with better functionality. V1 should allow a backlog item to be placed in multiple sprints, even if tasks and tests must perhaps be split. The same should apply to defects.


  • If you are asking for the following, then I agree:

    Enhance the backlog item split process to explicitly allow selection of sprint for newly created items (using current logic to pre-populate selections).

  • I don't want splitting of backlog items at all. It's a nasty hack. I'd like the VersionOne folks to look at the requirements that lead to splitting in the first place, and try to find a better approach to meet those requirements. Something that doesn't result in multiple backlog items to represent the same thing.

  • I think that our request goes with this one. User story:

    As a VersionOne User, I want to be able to move stories forward from one sprint to another so that we don't get the points credit until the story is complete, but I don't want the hours for the completed tasks to count in the new sprint because it messes up my capacity planning for the new sprint. The completed tasks carried forward should not be part of the sum of work to be done in this sprint.

    This feature would help many teams who have difficulty getting to "done" on some stories because of unplanned support issues that consume planned capacity.

  • Allow for the splitting of backlog items, but allow for the selection of tasks to be moved to the next sprint. Currently, the system makes the split and does not allow for manual changes to reflect what is needed. There should also be an ability to "cancel" if the changes do not suit the needs of the user.