The Fall 2014 release brought control for ordering of custom fields, along with a reorganization of other fields for better visibility (or something).

Some of our users are very unhappy with the placement of new fields, especially the separation of custom fields from built-in fields which they were meant to complement. We'd like to be able to control the positioning of all fields, not just the custom ones. Ideally this would be done for both edit and view, but just controlling them for editing would help prevent unnecessary scrolling.


  • Fall release caused a major issue for us as system generated fields like Priority are appearing below custom fields and it makes it hard to show important fields at the top. By letting users order all fields, this and issues mentioned by Will S will be resolved. I strongly suggest to implement this.

  • I agree. We really could use the ability to reorder any field - custom or default - on any form. With the current solution it is difficult to bring focus to a high priority field if it displays at the bottom...when a form has a large amount of fields on it people tend to lose focus as they go down the form.

  • Yes, Fall release caused big issue for us too. Can you imagine where the system fields like Priority will go, if you add one or two custom rich text fields?!
    If we cannot have control over all fields, then at least we want to have control over sections of fields, so we can put custom fields below system fields again.

  • We really should have full control of where all fields display. This helps bring focus to higher priority fields, as well as reduces scrolling. Many of my users already feel there are too many fields in the forms.

    Also, it would be great if you scrolled a form list to the Required field that is missing a value. I've had so many people wonder why they can't save a Defect since I turned on some required fields. Scroll to the error is user friendly.

  • Yes, we'd love the ability to rearrange the field order in the 'edit' view for backlogs and defects!

  • It would be very helpful for our company also, cause there are many fields we want to display, but currently they, especially the priorities, would be too dissipated.

  • At a minimum, the description should still appear above the custom fields, but I agree that being in control of the order of all fields would be the best.

  • We have added custom fields but would like them to appear after some of the default fields as they do not apply to every story/defect. A fully customizable asset category would be ideal.

  • This is frustrating because it appears the feature used to work this way

  • +1

  • I use a subset of fields, a mix of custom and standard fields. I would like to be able to control where any field is shown in a story or a defect, not just the order of custom fields.

  • Would definitely like to reorder the default fields within the Story or page versus having to create yet a second field for the same detail and move to the top of the page. Therefore causing duplicates and issues w/ card printing etc. Can we please get this set so we can drag/drop ALL fields?


  • Should be able to reorder in the 'Project Workspace Assets" section

  • +1

  • Should be able to reorder in the 'Project Workspace Assets" section

  • +1

  • Anything on this? This is such a logical change to make that even if there was more dev effort than people would think, customers would certainly feel it was a worthwhile update.