so they can view the acceptance criteria without having to leave the estimation screen.


  • This would be awesome. Since I run the sizing meeting for a distributed team it would be nice to not have to read every story over the phone.

    I understand the reasoning for this was in case you wanted to invite someone without a VersionOne login or people would be accessing it in a meeting from their phone and they may not know their VersionOne passwords off the top of their heads.

    Perhaps when the attendee first opens the game link it could could have an option to either sign in or sign in with VersionOne credentials. If they simply sign in they see it as it is today with only the title. If they sign in with credentials they can see the description as well.

  • I also don't want Russ to read every story over the phone

  • Since this application is a hosted app, this would disallow use of the app for our enterprise. There would be too much information shared across the wire with too much of a chance of distributing data that we may not intend to share. Recommend not doing this.