Members of my team frequently customize the grid view when looking at our backlog or epics. It would save time if we could:

- Save a particular grid layout so that we could reapply it later with fewer clicks
- Make a particular grid layout shared across our team so that anyone could use it

As a bonus, the ability to rename or delete saved grid layouts would be handy.


  • Agreed. We have views useful when it is just our dev team but different information needed when sharing our progress with stakeholders. Our focus would be at the Epic level but this feature would be handy for us at story/task level as well. Of course sharing views would be beneficial at all levels.

  • I hope that V1 can implement this feature soon.

  • +1, it would be great!

  • We do have "My Views" where a user can save their grid view, which includes columns, filters and potentially project. In Fall 18.3 My Views are now shareable via URL to other users. We do have future plans such as shared views with another member via member lookup.