Allow projects to have default values specified for fields (without using templates).


  • We asked for default values (especially for mandatory fields) a long time ago.
    Unfortunately they are still not available!

  • Since all of our V1 projects have a defined team, I'd like defects or backlog items created for that project to have team auto-filled. Similarly, product owners could be auto-filled when defects or backlog items are created for a project V1 support suggested using templates, but this is clumsy.

  • We want to hava a default values for the fields "Detail estimate" and "To do" in all newly created tasks.

  • We would like defaults values so that when a new asset is created in a project we do not have to always select the same value each time. For example, we would like for all test task to be created with a status of "Not Started".

  • I'd like to second the comment above. While it may be too much to ask for everything to be 'defaultable', we'd at the very least like to be able to set default status fields of tasks, tests, and stories when they're first created.

  • +1 for configuring a default owner.

  • +1 for default values for new backlog items. Priority is the field we're interested in.

  • +1 for default values for all fields during creation and status change.

  • +1

  • Please implement this feature of having default values for fields..

  • +1 for establishing default list items for when a list field is made mandatory.

  • We have a mandatory field on our Epics and when you use the double click function to add a new Epic in the Portfolio Kanban, then you will get an error message saying you can't create this Epic due to there is a mandatory field. Therefore I think this idea is a must as mandatory fields make some functionality in VersionOne useless without default values.

  • Any updates on this?

  • Not only would this be INCREDIBLY helpful, but I'd also like to see it available for custom fields as well.