For example, if an end user needs to work offline for whatever reason they could still update backlog or task estimates etc within the spreadsheet and when they upload it later on VersionOne would detect if the backlog or task already existed and ask the end user if they would like to update the information. This would really make our user community happy since several of them are already becoming experts in importing backlog items and tasks.


  • I really like this idea, but I'm assuming the cost might be high (ability for system to know which fields were modified within spreadsheet and identify/create new items from new row, and handle deletions)

    I'm adding my vote with ignorance of cost.

  • This would be helpful. Especially is maintaining an issue log. It could easily be updated and imported.

  • I came to the support site specifically to request this so I'm glad to see I'm not alone. Our team works often works off-line during Sprint planning. Although we can import new Stories and Tasks, any updates to existing ones have to be done manually. This is cumbersome and error prone. The import feature should match on ID and update any fields that are present in the database.

  • This could be achieved by updating the Export template such that changes could be made, saved and then the file could uploaded using the Import feature.

  • I would like to add that this same update functionality should also apply to Regression test cases. If we are modifying test cases and need to update only specific items within the test cases, it would be nice to be able to update based on TK # and not update/override anything but the fields required.

  • I am also looking for the same functionality, where using the import template I can update the existing Stories. Guys please help whether its been delivered or still going in IDEA phase.

  • This functionality will really increase the VersionOne usability in scope of Regression Tests documentation. Hope to see it live soon.

  • This capability would be extremely helpful. I tried just adding the ID in the import spreadsheet and it then gives me an error stating that there are two in the set clause, so it would seem fairly benign to just add an ID for new items and if an item has an ID in the import template then not add the field. At least I would hope so.

  • I am in favor of this proposed enhancement

  • This is a must have feature when we are trying to consolidate our test and bugs system all in V1 and we are migrating data from other systems.

  • The capability to synchronise data in V1 with an external source in Excel via importing updates would be very useful for me.

  • I use V1 to track risks for our program, and I have large spread sheet that we work off of offline. It would be very helpful if V1 just keyed on the ID field and updated all the information associated with that ID.

  • I agree. TFS is able to do this. It would very helpful for mass updates to filtered work items (such as to correct custom fields, switch from one feature group to another, reorganizing epics, etc.)

  • Please implement this feature. If MS TFS can, I know that VersionOne can too

  • This feature can save lot of effort. We spend lot of effort trying to update VersionOne from excel manually. Simple to use Excel plugin feature, I believe is a must have.

  • Do it please :-)

  • I'd love this too. It would allow us to be much more efficient with certain workflows. More widespread bulk update functionality within the application might satisfy our needs as well.

  • I would think that there could be an export that included the V1 unique ID for each item and that re-importing with that ID would override values.

    While we're at it, let's give an option to Export in the same format that the import will accept. That'd be very helpful also.

  • Inspiration here: "Microsoft Excel helps you to do bulk insert/modify work items. You can use Microsoft Excel to upload all your work items, move work items from iteration to another iteration without opening every work item, or doing many modification and publish all of them at the same time."

    With VersionOne's power APIs, this should be feasible :-)