Ability to filter backlog panel in team room using all filters. Especially useful with estimably so that we don't try to estimate stories that are not defined yet.


  • Yes! thank you. What is the deal with the separators in that backlog list, anyway? It looks like the stories are broken up into groups, but there is nothing to indicate what the groupings are. It's not by release, not by epic, not by feature group.....

  • The backlog in team room doesn't show stories already in a sprint, which it needs to. Because hey, sometimes you SWAG and put it in a future sprint for release planning and then need to re-estomate. It also doesn't show story ID's which make it hard to find story you are looking for. Those grouing lines don't make any sense to me either. I need filters to find stries by project, product owner (well all filters would be great) and more columns. Would be a great companion to Estimably if Backlog was more functional.

  • Current Limitation: The "Backlog" panel in a Team Room does NOT display unestimated backlog items if they have been assigned to a (future) sprint.

    Request: Can ALL unestimated items in the backlog be displayed in the "Backlog" panel of a Team Room (in order to play Estimably)? An even better enhancement would include the "Filter" button and functionality in the "Backlog" panel (in order to further refine the items to be estimated in a given poker planning session.

    Use Case: The Product Owner sometimes will assign backlog items to future sprints (e.g. 1-2 sprints ahead) for rough planning purposes. The teams would like to use the Estimably functionality, but it currently requires a workaround to temporarily remove unestimated stories from future sprints in order to use Estimably.

    General Feedback on Estimably: Teams are VERY interested to use this great feature! Estimably is working well, but without having a better way to filter the "Backlog" panel and display ALL unestimated items, the feature is getting limited or no use due to the additional workarounds needed.

  • This feature would help tremendously! What could be nice is implementing backlog list view and the ability to view and sort just like any other list.

  • As a VersionOne user,
    I need to be able to "favorite" a team room
    So that I can find it in the drop-down list without having to be added to it.

    Background: I’ve noticed that folks are having themselves added to TeamRooms when they aren’t core members. I’ve done this simply because there isn’t a way to “favorite” a room and have it show up in your drop down as a quick find. I suspect that others are doing this for the same reason. This has the effect of crews (at least on PINACLE) not being able to easily identify who is actually on a crew.

  • By the way, the votes for this and "Team Room Membership" should be combined as they are similar in goal.

  • This would be a great enhancement to help the teams filter on items that have not been estimated to be placed at the top so that teams can us Estimably.