When creating a story, you generally have supporting documentation. Having to go through and find the file in a directory is a time waster. Please add the ability to drag and drop from folders/desktop/local drives to the story itself.

Nice to have would be to add the caption inline. Time is of the essence!


  • This would be wonderful! A great time saver for sure!

  • Half of our teams are designers, so having this feature would be a huge help!

  • +1 for this idea, please consider it in the near future!

  • Modern browsers allow you to do this out of the box--you just drag the file onto the "Choose File" button. This doesn't work in V1, so there must be some javascript actively preventing it.

  • Having the drag and drop feature will make our teams much more productive and less likely to skirt adding supporting documentation. This is an out-of-the-box feature in other tools and we would like VersionOne to catch up!

  • This feature is also needed for Defects

  • Our institution would LOVE this ability. I've been asked by many users if this was possible.

  • Would love this. JIRA has it. :)

  • Great idea. Any updates on this one?

  • This would be a great feature. Great suggestion.