We need the ability to launch Estimably from the product backlog, rather than just from the team backlog.


  • If we could run the game from the backlog, I would be able to filter down to maybe just the epic I want to score!

  • Seconding this -- we have scrum teams that estimate together to raise issues that might arise if one or the other teams works on the work. Not ideal, but it's required when we only have one product owner.

  • We also need the ability to sort/filter in order to better utilize the Estimably tool.

    We have almost 300 items in our product backlog. When using Estimably, it is very difficult to find the item we want to discuss & estimate in the Backlog pane. We need a way to sort these items by priority (or other criteria) so that we can easily locate them when using Estimably. AND/OR the ability to drag the item into Estimably from the List view for a particular sprint (if we place them in a sprint first. Some additional functionality here would make this tool so much more useful for us!!

  • This would be a good feature to have. During our grooming sessions, we are using the product backlog so that we can view the items in the appropriate prioritized order. It would be more efficient for the team if we could launch estimably from that view and size the stories versus having to take multiple steps to get into a team room, find the story, and then run estimably.

  • This is greatly needed for us as well. If an item already has an estimate or is in a sprint, we can't see it in the backlog to pull it into estimably.

  • Very much so, will help team relative size (review current size) as newer information is available.

  • Yes!

  • Agree, it is difficult to search the backlog in the team room for the items we want to size. We have stories that are pre-assigned to sprints as part of our program increment planning and are unable to get to those when we need to size them.