The standard Scrum TeamRoom elements in the top right corner -- Sprint Burndown, Average Velocity, Planned numbers -- are not relevant for Kanban teams. It would be great to be able to customize what appears here. Optimally I'd love to see graphs that are relevant to a Kanban team.


  • I agree, I too would love to see more KanBan team applicable metrics as well.

  • Yes, and... Once the settings are changed for the chart at the top-right, I'd like them to be sticky and not reset whenever the pop-up chart is dismissed.

  • It would be great for scrum teams to be able choose what's most important to display here as well

  • The burndown would be nice to edit away from being hours based. For a new team estimating in hours may not be on the forefront of what they are doing. Being able to switch to a point based burndown would be nice.