Today, the view of the backlog 'card' in the Taskboard is based on whatever configuration is in the Storyboard view. Would like the ability to customize the card on the Taskboard much like the Storyboard, but separately. From the taskboard, I need to see which column the card is in, but I don't need that info on the card in the Storyboard since the column itself is displayed.

To work around, I either duplicate the column on the storyboard card, and lose ability to see other data, or I leave off, and don't have that visibility in the taskboard.


  • Would also like to be able to see the task ID on the card

  • Would like to customize the backlog story on the taskboard to show fields that are important to the team (example: Kanban Stauts vs Status).
    Additionally I would like to customize the task card on the task board to show done hours and to do hours.

  • It would also be nice to allow editing todo hours on the taskboard. Today you have to launch the story in a new modal window, click on the tasks, and then edit there.

  • We need the ability to customize the task cards the same way we can customize Story and Epic cards.

  • I would like the ability to change the Team assignment on the task. Currently the Team assignment is carried over from the story. There are different team levels (1st line, 2nd and 3rd) teams who are assigned to complete individual tasks associated to a story. From there, the team can assign a member.

    It would also be nice to have the team assignment show on the task card. Then to take this further, it would be nice to have the option to assign a color to the task based on the team.

  • would also be nice to be able to display task owner's avatars instead of their name