Provide a tracking or reference number on ideas generated so that the Product Owner and requestor can communicate/follow up effectively without a string of text to search.


  • I'm not sure how this was overlooked in the first place, it seems essential to me. It would also be nice if placing such a reference number in a description or comment would automatically be converted into a hyperlink.

  • The ID number is listed in the Idea's URL. In the Ideas system, you can see this on the idea details page or when you hover over the idea summary in a list view. Similarly, you can see the ID in Enterprise by hovering over the jump-to-ideas icon in the title column. The ID of this idea, for example, is 185.

    For clarification, is the request to have a specific column in enterprise that shows this ID number?

  • In the Ideas system, the ID number of an idea should be listed somewhere on the page, not just in a URL.

    It would also be very helpful if I could embed an idea ID in a comment and have it automatically linked to the idea. Sure, I can put a URL, but these are subject to change (which has already happened - I've come across a number of comments on ideas with broken links).

  • Yes, the person submitting the idea is not going to recognize that the reference number is in the URL. Having the reference number appear after submission on the IdeaSpace page and also in the Enterprise will greatly help.

    I do like Daniel's idea of embedding an idea ID in a comment with a link but is secondary to original request in priority.

  • We would like this option so that (along with Backlog Items and requests, we can log these in Salesforce.

  • We would like for the ID to be shown so that it can be tracked through systems.