Allow customers to either set the frequency that the data mart updates or execute a manual update so one doesn't have to wait a full day for reports.


  • This is already configurable in V1 Ultimate edition. We are self-hosted and our V1 admin changed it to every 2 hours.

  • We have VersionOne hosting our Ultimate instance. I reached out to them to see if there was a configuration change we could make and told unfortunately, no.

  • we are also hosted and would like this to be customer specific, or ad hoc.

  • We are hosted and would like to have the flexibility of having an on request update. There are times we need to produce reports shortly after the data has been updated.

  • We would like the Reports to be dynamic and updated to the minute.

  • One of the best features of any project management tool is the ability to compile reports on demand. Unfortunately, I've just recently discovered that the once per day processing/updating of the data marts prevents up to the minute reports from processing correctly. A very basic scenario of making data corrections and then generating new reports for the executive team is impossible - you must wait until the following day to run the reports to get accurate data. Using the data from an analytics report to create a dashboard is also impossible, since the dashboard is always a day behind if there was any modification to the original data. Its faster to make the manual corrections yourself in an excel spreadsheet than it is to wait the 24 hrs for updated data.

    Reports and Dashboards are only effective if they report the current state. VersionOne Reports are not meeting the intended need.

  • Our company also has the need to produce reports with current data rather than data that is a day old. We would like to see the data mart updated more frequently than once a night.

  • If we are rolling metrics up to management after we made last minute changes then we have to wait a full day to see those changes. It would be great to have the Analytics updated on-demand during the day if possible instead of waiting to the next day.

  • Definitely need a way for hosted customers that aren't running on-premise a way to do this. This is a big one to me as business users simply don't want to hear that they have to wait 24 hours to see their project on a list or a change in priority, it makes them lose confidence in the Agile tool we're pushing/promoting.

  • We just got access to Analytics and discovered the data refresh issue. I got this response from my support ticket

    "Our Data mart databases in our On-Demand (hosted) environment are only updated once a day. The updating process begins usually in the 1am-2am EST (GMT-5) time frame. Your instance may not get updated in that time block but that is just when the overall process kicks off. We are researching the possibility of more frequent updates, but there is nothing planned at the moment."