I would like to see changes to the taskboard and storyboard in real time as other users on team makes changes and not have to click the refresh button. Similar to what Symphonical provides. As one user makes changes to a story or task, all users in that view see the changes occur when it has been saved without doing a refresh, the change occurs dynamically in their view immediately..


  • This is especially important to our organization. We have customized instances of team boards to use as affinity estimation boards. We have several remote teams, so we have to manually update the board, or use a javascript overload to automatically refresh for those who are just watching and not participating in moving things, such as the ScrumMaster or Product Owner.

    Using the team room as an affinity estimation board is totally awesome. But it would be "bad ass" if the board items automatically moved for the other participants when moves are done.

    Wonder if you guys have anyone else using customized versions of the team room for affinity estimating? I can show you how :)

  • If there are concerns about server load, it may be possible to set up pub/sub with WebSockets. This feature is doable for modern browsers like Chrome. Obviously, AJAX could be used as a fallback for other browsers.

    If there are concerns about items jumping around and user experience, you could just allow the user to turn it on and off, and lock the board while it's on.

  • SockJS would help with WebSockets with fallbacks built in.

  • Socket.io. I use it with BoaterTalk. Works brilliantly. I use it for view change notifications that simply trigger ajax updates of relevant data.

  • From my opinion I think this is really important for agile projects, every time the iteration has changed and all the people need to see them accurate. Also I think it is really easy to implement for you guys.

  • I am surprised that this idea that has been raised over a year ago has still not been implemented! This is critical for our organization where we work across multiple timezones and need to know dynamically when statuses change.

  • Why limit it to just Storyboard and Taskboard? Why not the Iteration Planning, etc.?

  • This is a collaboration tool, the fact that users cannot collaborate in real time is insane especially with libraries like signalr being available.

  • This is a must have, specially in these time where online tools replace physical ones.
    every memeber of a same team should see the same things, without having to click anywhere.

  • The same issue occurs if you update a task name, etc. that you have to exit the story for it to refresh. This creates un-necessary extra steps and delays the viewing of the 'real-time' changes.