Ability to add customized fields to the Idea Management Screen so that the product owner and team can make better decisions on the item


  • This would be very valuable. Adding customized fields that could be added to the view would allow for some "lite" workflow / state management. In particular, if additional values could be added to the Status list in Ideas, that would help with a few objectives we have.

  • Agree with the suggestion as well as the comments. When is it coming? (3 y/o post)

  • Agree. The out of the box statuses are not sufficient. I know there are quite a few simliar ideas on the site to improve the out of the box satuses as well as give clients the ability to customize Ideas. Ideas should be like other assets and allow for customization. The current functtionality is very limited.

  • Definitely yes. Also, we need to have the ability to attach a document / picture or embedded a picture on the ideas so people can see the UI being proposed. Agree, the current functionality is limited.

  • +

  • This should be standard functionality and architecture like other areas in Version One. Product has potential but very rudimentary for companies further along on their agile journey.