Provide ability to assign an owner at the Idea level to perform an initial assessment/feedback. (i.e. to determine if a Business Analyst needs to research further, to determine if it should immediately be added to the backlog, to determine if the items is immediately rejected for whatever reason, etc. etc.)


  • Could you not generate a request for the BA to do some research against. Then you would have the ability to attach the any artifacts created or found in the research process.

  • As a Product Owner I would like to be to associated myself with specific Categories in the ideas online, so that I can automatically see which ideas would fall into my area of the product to initially evaluate.

  • I would like this as well, and would like to be able to expose this "owner" to the original idea creator so they know who has "taken" this idea and is looking at it in case they want to follow up. we are using ideas internally so it's OK for our idea creator to reach out to an "owner" if they want to contact them directly.