Capacity planning

When planning capacities one can use the project tree to add a capacity for a certain member on a certain project. When going up the tree it would be nice to be able to see an overview for the child-projects.

Use case:
We have an overall project for our complete company. Underneath this project we have some logical grouping projects ("Active customers", "New customers", "Internal") and underneath these projects we have the actual projects (one project pr. customer or internal project). Lets say I assigned a capacity of 10 to Member1 on customer project X, Y and Z. When on the top-most project I cannot see these capacities and is led believe that Member1 does not have any capacity planned yet. When I go to "Member planning" I do see a capacity of 30 for Member1 though I can't see exactly which projects he is "assigned" to. Having a matrix showing (for each member) the total capacity and exactly which child-projects adds to this is much needed.

Currently I have to use an excel spreadsheet to plan ahead on projects that do not yet have backlog items or only have backlog items that are not estimated yet. Being able to see the matrix will enable me to use capacities on projects to "plan" ahead when we know a certain customer must have a certain amount of capacity given to them in a future sprint (ie. new customer must be implemented in sprint X+5)


  • Also it could be nice if it was possible to set a capacity for a team on a project. This would mean that the team is "assigned" to this project but no one yet knows exactly which members will actually do the work.

  • It would be great if the member capacity planning could roll-up capacities from children Planning Levels. From a given Planning Level (say, for a Release Train), clicking the graph for individual teams shows the capacity figures for each Sprint in each child (PI) planning level, so it should be possible to get all figures straight on the grid.