Is there a way to lock templates in V1? Someone deleted two templates with ~120 fields.

The lowest level of user can delete templates - Team Member doesn't require Admin privleledges to delete templates
The Work Around is to export will export all templates to an Excel spreadsheet (works for archiving/saving but won't prevent deletion)
Apparently a user can 'Import' a template saved (exported) to Excel.

Suggestion: create a toggle with higher administration access to lock templates but allow lower users to modify and generate them.


  • This is along the lines of my request/my team's idea. We want a way to LOCK certain fields against edit by anyone except for Sys Admin security role users (for example).

    This would help our Dev team since their story and deliverables would be firmly in place and the Business could not add modifications without creating a new story.

  • This would be a great feature to add. We are finding that most times people click on the template name to create a story or defect based on the template. Instead of clicking generate, the template itself gets edited and turned into a story or defect.

  • The ability to add an administrative lock to SOME but not ALL templates would be valuable. OR, have the "Team Member" role be able to edit only the Templates created by the individual user, but generate stories from any template. Maybe have the "Project Leader" role be able to lock templates, and edit all templates? Admin role seems like it would be too restrictive,

  • Someone deleted a template and I see no way to search for it as there is no filter in templates for closed or deleted templates, so a locking mechanism would be great.

  • A template was accidentally removed once and we had to recreate it. It would be helpful to make it more difficult to delete/overwrite the template.

  • I would very much like the function of "locking" a template, since V1 already does not allow me to watch a the only way to find out when (not if, when) the template is overwritten, is to manually go in and monitor it.

    Also, A fix without locking the template could be to fix the UI. Not saying it is broken, but when my (and obviously also my collegues) first impulse is to click on the left side, maybe you could nudge or make the right choice more clear.

    Imagine a setup with wide screens which most developers and IT people use now a days....this means that the blue button is hidden all the way to the right...and it is not even blue unless hover.

    So, yeah, many ways to make me happy.

  • We also often run into the problem that people alter the template instead of generate story/defect from it. As proposed above either change rights for templates or be able to mark as write protected. A solution could be a combination of these two: All with team member rigths or above can generate and alter templates, as long as they are not marked as read only. If read only is marked, then only Project Lead or above can alter the template.

  • This would save us many hours of wasted work fixing the issue when it happens

  • At SimCorp 11 out of our in total 17 active defect templates contain ‘Do not change’ in the header...

  • Or maybe in the GUI, only show the generate story and open the edit from the menu.

  • I have to recreate templates at least once a week because people change the template instead of GENERATE'ing a new story. It would be nice to have the Project Lead or higher only allowed update access. Or Like Johan B requested, don't show the edit button (like on the Backlog frame in the Storyboard). Just show Generate.

  • A problem my team faces is the fact that when you have templates set up and teams go to use them, often they will click on the name of the template and edit that, rather that click on generate bli/defect. This then saves a new version of the template and is annoying.
    My suggestion is being able to either disable the name link of the template or being able to set permissions on templates so only certain people can edit/create them.

  • Yep...somebody just overwrote my template and I've had to recreate it from scratch. Please offer some way to protect templates! Or at least a way to warn the user "'re modifying the template, ya nimrod!"

  • I'd love to see the ability to simply lock and unlock the template in general. In most cases, the issue is simply someone opened the template instead of clicking Generate. Most of my issues are simply users that don't realize they are changing the template...