We have a situation where we need to report the progress of a story / request to multiple different members or relate it to multiple different projects. We can't do the former (link to multiple reporters), and to support a story related to different projects, we have to create an epic, and create stories or requests (our current technique) in each of the projects plus the project it is being worked on.

If we could add a custom multi-select field where the list is sourced from the members or from the projects (or just about anything ala JIRA), then we could satisfy a lot of cross dependencies that we currently have to hack.


  • Minimally, the following features should be implemented:

    * Custom fields may be multi-select lists (like the owners list)

    * Custom fields may be defined as a list of V1 users. Its values would be automatically populated with all users who have visibility to this project (though its current value could be a user which no longer has access - or maybe has been deleted?)

    * Custom field may be defined as a list of V1 projects. Its values would be automatically populated with a hierarchical list of projects, but it should be possible to restrict to a specific hierarchy rather than show all projects.

    Being able to track who needed a story is essential.

  • Custom list type that allows multiple selections, not just a single selection: https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/76

    Be able to add "user" type custom field: https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/103

  • A drop-down list without the ability to multi-select is pointless. If a single value is all that can be chosen, a text box services just as well. A single select ability can be served with multi-select capability, but the reverse is not true. If only single select is available, I am forced to use multiple custom fields to arrive at the same point. Since these don't necessarily aggregate on the screen together, I have to look in several places to find the information I want. Not a problem where the system can display results of a multiselect choice.

    Three years seems like a long time for your users to wait for this capability!

  • I also have a need for this at my company. My scenario is where there are two groups responsible for an epic or story to be completed, but only one group will be working on it. We want to link the epic or story to both groups so they can filter and see all that they are responsible for.

  • I have a group that has the need to Multi-select teams in Storyboard/ Taskboard in order that two teams can better coordinate and sync with stories being consumed and completed by the teams.

  • I realize I'd like to have multi select features on some of the reports, especially as this helps with scaling scrum with a group of teams. For instance when looking at the "Trend - Cumulative Flow - Estimate by Status" and I want to select a group of teams, and sprints to consider.

  • Multi-Select drop down type. We can populate list and indicate on Portfolio, Program and Team customer commitments.