The sprints on the Sprint Planning page can be cramped if they have numerous stories attached. It'd be nice if the line between the sprints and the backlog was movable. Or make it more awesome by making everything widgets and allowing us to decide our layout. I might like a column on the right for the backlog because I don't need to edit the stories, I just want to know what they are so I can sort them into the appropriate sprints.


  • I, too, would like to see the backlog for the selected Sprint be taller so that I can view more stories in the Sprint. It's great that the list of Sprints remains anchored at the top of the screen when I scroll down to view the backlog of stories not assigned to a Sprint.

  • I like the view. Feels like it needs this refinement to make it more usable. Please consider finishing. Thanks.

  • I like the current view. We review items assigned to sprint and then move down to backlog to see what else is there.