If you create a new item from a template, the notification is sent using the Template's name rather than the document's new name. The link works correctly and you can follow the link to see what the new item really is, but this is a time consuming step.


  • Isn't this really a defect with the product?

  • My teams use a “template” for stories and defects, when I get notifications that stories or defects were created, the name is often meaningless (just the name of the template). If I could get a notification when the Story name changes, I would subscribe to that instead, and getting notified when the name changed from “template” to the real name would add more value.

  • This isn't an idea, it's a defect. The notification is being sent out at the wrong point in the process, it should happen after the user first saves the new item, and not when the system clones the template. You have my vote!

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    The notifications are not useful with this behavior!

  • This is an issue for my team as well. It would appear that when you create a new backlog or defect from template, V1 creates the item immediately, and then allows you to rename it. It is because they create the item immediately that the email goes out with the default template name. This negates the value of email notifications of new backlogs and defects and has reduced the value of Templates for my team.

  • I'd like to further add that if I, as a product manager, am monitoring these incoming emails, and I happen to quickly click through and read the new item before the user is finished writing it, I'm just reading the template. Useless.

  • Very surprised this only has 13 votes! Using templates (which is good practice) makes the default notifications completely useless since every notification has the same template name. The notifications should be sent out on a delay or offer a way to send a "summary" of changes at the end of the day.

  • This is our issue as well. I agree it's a defect to VersionOne. Why should creating a backlog item from a template vs from scratch change how notifications are sent out? Not having the backlog item name on the notification is useless. We should be able to use backlog item templates and notifications together successfully, not have to choose using one or the other. When creating a backlog item from scratch it seems to send the notification after you Save. Why can't it work the same when using a template? Or provide another option for when to send the notification, such as when Title is changed. Very frustrating.

  • We came up with a work-around for this situation. We created a new Status to use as the notification trigger. So, instead of using the Backlog Item Created subscription, we now use the Backlog Item Status Changed subscription as our notification that a new backlog item has been created. We still use the template to create a new backlog item. After specifying at least the title of the new backlog item, the author changes the Status and then that sends the notification to the subscribers. So it's really a change in our internal process to make this happen, but so far it seems to be working well.
    However I do still feel that VersionOne should fix this so that using a template to create a backlog item functions the same way as creating one from scratch.