I can't be the first... I don't want to use VersionOne as an hours tracker. I would like a sprint burndown by total number of tasks. I would like the team to focus on the work getting to done, and not be distracted by keeping, or estimating in hours when we have different programs and estimation methods. It also helps me to teach the team to break tasks down into a scope of something achievable within a couple days. A Burndown by task mirrors a burndown by hours - the magnitude and resoultion is usually just on a smaller scale. The Y axis should be labeled so as to not confuse it with hours. Make the option available for each team on a project if you wish (hours vs tasks).


  • If you set the detailed estimate for each task to one hour you get this effect. Wouldn't that work?

  • Individuals and Interactions OVER processes and Tools.
    As a limitation to the tool - It doesn't work for two reasons - Extra clicking to fill in hours, and the burn down printed as an information radiator/report will not accurately describe what the team is using for problem solving their way through the sprint. (Units of measure).

  • I second this and would further like to see a story burndown for my teams that track their tasks informally, as needed (XP style)

  • It would also be great to have the possibility to have the 'count by story/workitem' function in the Sprint Burndown chart. Not only by tasks! For the moment this only works in the project Burndown chart.

  • This could be solved also differently if you could configure VersionOne so that each new task has "detail estimate hrs" and "to do hrs" columns pre-filled with e.g. 1. This way as tasks are closed, burn-down chart could work nicely. However, VersionOne support confirmed that this is not possible.

    Thus my vote for this feature as well. Many V1 graphs works already using "counts", so could this burndown as well (especially in team room)

  • In Jira, TFS and Monday you can easily make a sprint burndown by total number of tasks - this is a simple need to ask, so use one of the other tools.