I would like to be able to subscribe to a notification when a new idea is created. This way I wouldn't have to keep polling the ideas forum for new items. I would simply get an email when the new idea is created.


  • +1.

  • A lot of value can be derived from the Ideas board, but in order to properly administer this feature, we need an easy way to monitor new ideas.

  • This would be a great feature. The Ideas Center is a great tool but you have to remember to go out and check it. It would be great to subscribe to an Ideas Forum and receive notifications when new ideas are entered.

  • If applied to comments as well, this would enable a quicker response to inappropriate or offensive postings.

  • +1.

  • +1

  • This should definitely be an option for Idea and Forum administrators within LifeCycle, as well as for registered users in IdeaSpace. The former would be for timely administration of the forums. The latter would be for users to quickly learn about new ideas being submitted and thus be able to vote for them, should they so desire.

  • With 5 Product Managers, I can't implement Ideas without a means to notify. In addition, the inability to force-close an Idea that won't be pursued (so it is removed from the 'noise') also makes launching it untenable. We'll have to create something in SharePoint for now. When you have introduced a level of sophistication that makes vetting ideas a little easier for multiple product managers let me know and we'll consider the Ideas Portal. Thanks.

  • Agree with James C. We ran a small pilot with a few of our products and discontinued using V1 ideas because it lacked notifications. The key to a good feedback forum is timely communication with our customers. This encourages more ideas to be posted and shows that we are actively listening to our customers. Forcing our product mgrs. to check the forum daily was not received well by our team and we killed the project after a few months. We moved on to using UserVoice which has been far superior.

  • Is there a way I can filter on my ideas only , to see what's happening to my idea