On a weekly basis I meet with my functional Management team to review our execution priorities and items which our teams are working on.. We would like the ability to drag-and-drop rank backlog teams while inside of a team room.

This enhancement will enable users to priority rank backlog items at the team level.


  • The ability to do this should be restricted to roles maybe Project Lead or members of Development team.

  • Further enhancement. The backlog calculates the iteration a backlog/defect might be delivered in, however if a item is scheduled into a iteration the backlog does not take into account existing items in iteration. This means that the backlog list is misleading.

  • I proposed the same thing. I would add that if you have sized the item being dragged, then V1 should reschedule other stories to respect the team's velocity or throughput. For example, if you drag a 5 pointer into a sprint that has less than 5 points of spare velocity, then one or more lower priority stories would need to be demoted to later sprints to accommodate the change. That then has a cascading effect on the aspirational schedule.

  • This would also help working with more than one team by not requiring us to manually switch projects and filters each time we need to look at the other team.

  • Most team members work out of the team Room/Kanban board, and the current user experience for navigating to the project Backlog is un-intuitive from this screen. Stories can be dragged from the Backlog panel onto the task board, but cannot be sorted by priority within this list. It would be helpful if the Backlog could be sorted by the user from the panel in the Room, using the existing drag function.