As a PO I want to see a burn-down based on the estimated story-points in the teamrooms' Story board, because I only want to see the progress of a story.

As Teammember I want to see my daily progress in the burn-down of the task-board based on task-estimations, because I could work several days on one story and still want to see progress in the team.


  • I wish I could vote for this more than once :) We need both a ToDo burndown AND a Storypoint burndown or burnup.

    This could potentially be done in one chart - which is how Rally does it.

  • Our team would like to have the following enhancements that I believe are related to this:

    1. Would like to have the current ‘project burndown’ report to be dynamic vs. having to wait 24 hours for story point completion/close to reflect on the chart right after accepting/closing it out

    2. Would like to have the ability to toggle the burndown chart on the team room lobby page between hours burndown and the above functionality of story point burndown as we find that more interesting than tracking hours remaining as a metric of team commitment/sprint completion

  • Agree- we are looking at moving away from using hours and more focus on relative sizing of the story points- so allowing the burndown to be off story points rather than hours would be really valuable

  • I agree - this would be hugely beneficial to us across the company!