Currently, not every field is available in the Data Mart.

For example, Project Details.Owner is available, but Epic Details.Owner is not. IF you are creating reports on who owns what, all you can pivot off of is the Project Owner... and we all know different epics within a project can have different owners!

Let's get this and other fields not presently available in the Data Mart to be so, and soon!



  • We need access to every piece of data, not just a subset. For example, I cannot find any place I can obtain Story Points. It is used everywhere in the application, but in the custom reporting and even in the datamart pdf (I used an OCR app to search), there is no reference to where story points are actually stored. This is a huge miss, as this is information I need to report on for a customer.

  • If I can't get to the same fields in the Analytic Grids that I can get to in the regular application, then Analytic Grids becomes almost useless to me. You need to get on this one.

  • We really need the description to be available for some of the reports we are trying to export from the system. Not sure why this would be excluded from the data - seems like one of the most critical pieces in there!

  • It would also be helpful to access activity log data in the custom reports for the Data Mart. This will allow teams to create better cycle time and lead time reporting than is possible in the canned reports.

    To support these additional fields, having a data dictionary--or explanation of the data mart fields' definitions--will help.