Conversations are a great tool but they still have a dependency on email or the user to be on the site. I'd like to have a Instant Messaging app that integrates with VersionOne Team Rooms and Conversations. I see this feature creating a shorter feedback loop between participants and further lesson the need and dependency on email. Making it available for the iPad and Android would be such a huge value add for me.


  • I agree. I just signed up for VersionOne today and I was looking for some form of Instant Messaging that was integrated and lended itself well to a development team, something like Atlassian

    Skype has some drawbacks -- like what if you have a Skype "conference" style of chat but a team member misses the meeting...there is no reason for them to read the IM logs, in Hipchat they can. Yet to use Hipchat but it sounds promising.

  • ...correction should read "there is no way for them to read IM logs" suggestion add an "Edit" feature to correct typos ;-)

  • We explored the use of HipChat with another project that we use JIRA for. To my knowledge it doesn't support the ability to link a conversation with a backlog item. V1 could really shine in this area if they had the HipChat type functionality with conversations.

  • I'd love to see integration with HipChat - something similar to the integration that Trello + Zapier provides. Actions such as moving a task or story to a different state (Backlog, In Progress, Complete, etc), or Blockers, or commenting on tasks/stories could be relayed into a HipChat room. These messages would notify interested parties and help them track progress as people are working on things. Think of it almost as an Activity Stream that appears in a HipChat room. Once this functionality has been built out, it could easily integrate with XMPP-based clients, or HipChat, or Slack.

  • HipChat integration would be amazing - we use it for our Jenkins builds and RSpec Tests, this would just add to the goodness!

  • Nice. That would be sweet. Lets see this happen!

  • Hipchat would be huge.... Would definitely drive adoption. We're integrating everything in to that. ChatOps is the future..... :)

  • Think it would be great if changes to a project (and it's child projects) could be posted into hipchat, would be great visibility into what is changing in VersionOne for the Teams!

  • I don't like how you have to mention people in the new comment within the chat feature for them to be notified OR they have to be on V1 ALL THE TIME not to miss anything. I want an easier way to draw attention to interested parties about a new comment or question in the chat such that they are notified immediately through like an internal instant message alert. Not email. Email is too slow. I want an instant pop up that a new comment was added to a story I am following or working on. And I would like to notify whole teams at a time. The instant pop up could show the comment and you could even potentially respond to it via the instant pop-up.