Both the Story and its tasks start off with status = NULL.

If would be great if when 1 or more tasks under a story gets updated to a status of 'In Progress' or greater that the story would automatically be moved to status = 'In Progress'.

It would be great if when all tasks under a story gets updated to status = 'completed', that the story status would be automatically be changed to Status = 'Completed'

Who would want this: any team member who completes tasks within a sprint

Why is it valuable: it's one less click for the developers, making it an easier task to do on a daily basis. And it helps keep the backlog updates as this is step is often missed.


  • I absolutely want this feature. This would save a lot of time and help to keep our data in sync with reality if someone forgets to do it manually.

  • We would love this feature as well. Our teams are constantly updating the taskboard but rarely look at the storyboard. Our PO does the exact opposite and wonders why there's no story movement.

  • We would love to have this feature or at least a setting which enables this transition