We receive this error when I use the export xls feature in Excel 2010

The file you are trying to open, file.xls, is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file.

The explanation for this was :
The VersionOne export sends an HTML table to Excel. Excel knows how to read HTML so it loads that into a worksheet and allows you to save the export as an .xls file locally. In Excel 2010, Microsoft decided to insert this alert into their process to be extra sure it's users know that the format being read is not a native .xls file. The import still works just fine by selecting the Yes button. Microsoft has not yet included a method to say "yes, I trust this source", but we are hoping they will do that to prevent this alert each and every time the export is done.

My suggestion is for Version One to work with Microsoft better, use some other method like XLM or push MS for a better solution.


  • Microsoft did add a way to trust HTML used as a 2003 format Excel spreadsheet, and the prompt is still present to prevent accidental corruption. Try this:

    In Excel options, go to Trust Center, and Trust Center Settings. In Trusted Locations, add your download folder. You will still get a “corrupt” warning when opening the file, but it will work. It is recommended not to make your default download folder trusted, as this opens the very vulnerability that MS was trying to close.