The epic timeline is an amazing tool and with a little modification it would allow us to get rid of a corresponding schedule we keep concurrently with version one. The request is simple, we have a multi-tiered epic tree with levels of features we would like to add. Currently the epic timeline can only show one level of epics and sort of two using the different types. I would propose being able to expand out the parent epics just like the epic tree in the timeline. Essentially then you can have a fully functional gantt chart with tiers of epics for release planning purposes. Thanks!


  • Totally agree! - great tool, and can be improved much with a expand/collapse and show/hide feature.
    However these features should NOT affect the swag and estimate graph. Its only for drill-down purposes.

  • Completely agree. The Epic timeline is very close to be being a great tool. It needs to be able to show the full tree.

  • Would be really useful!

  • Absolutely Agree! We would be able to eliminate an external reporting process if this was implemented. Also, would be much more useful for planning, management review using V1 instead of extracted data massaged in other products.

  • I'm looking at the epic timeline and can't view the level of detail I need.
    We have one parent project for a SAFe program. We have multiple child projects by PSI.
    We have created many epics (features) and forecasted them by PSI.
    We also have one parent epic for the program because it is associated to a project ID that captures all of the software capitalization. The parent epic is in the parent project. All other epics that are children of the parent epic are in the appropriate project by PSI.
    Question: How can we view all of the child epics for all of the child projects in the epic timeline?
    What's the status on this idea?

  • I would like to add my name to those that are requesting this enhancement. Our teams are working on numerous Epics, Child Epics and Backlog Items concurrently. Our management requires a Gantt chart view of their timelines. This would be the perfect report if it would provide a complete and detailed view of all the teams' projects. As it is now, we have to export the Epic Tree and manually create the Gantt chart in excel.

  • This would be great. I was disappointed that I couldn't expand all the way down to our leaf node epics. We have epic trees of varying depths based on the complexity of the project, but all of our epics have at least three levels - roadmap level that is what is presented to our executive team, releasable features epics that describe the features that will actually be deployed to customers, and those are typically broken out into one or more sub-feature levels that breaks out various flows and slices of functionality.

  • Two-tiers are available as of the Winter 2015 release: so you can always see the next level of detail. We took a look at going to N levels at that time, but ran into some pretty severe usability problems with the display. Going deeper does remain a future possibility.

  • Please consider representing the project container as well as Epics on the time line with filters and expand/collapse.

  • Mark Crowe - We need the Publish to also be able to Expand ("+") just like the non-published timeline does. Currently, it doesn't even have the "+" available at all. Simply having it behave the same as the non-published would allow us to use this timeline to truly publish up, eliminating duplicate manual reporting.

    Also, I know you said N levels is still possible moving forward - I think that would be great for Print (see IdeaSpace item and Publish.


  • We also need took a look at going to N levels at that time. Do you plan to do this in the nearest release?