All the Horizontal Scroll Bar to be viewable on every page vs. just at the bottom of the screen. So if you have viewability of 200 items, but can only view 15 items on a screen, have the horizontal scroll bar available to scroll to the right. Otherwise, you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page scroll right and then go back to the top of the page to see that data. Very cumbersome.


  • In particular, our team would like the storyboard and taskboard to have this feature. As the list of stories get longer, it becomes more awkward to move about the GUI.

  • PLEASE PLEASE do this... it is difficult to navigate a screen, you finally find what you are looking for in your grid and you have to scroll all the way to the bottom losing your place to scroll right or left and all the way to the top to see the column headers....

  • This makes my life hell by not having this. I can't tell you the hours wasted and productivity lost by having to navigate to the bottom of my backlog just to see the required fields. Please add this.

  • Please add this feature!!

  • Sometimes, I have 100 items on by backlog that I am using for backlog grooming and it is painful to have to scroll to the bottom to scroll horizontally and then have to find my spot back up top. I often have to remove columns to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar and then add them back in later.

  • this is needed badly. Other option is move the scroll bar into a frozen pane with the headings at the top of the list

  • Major productivity problem. The more I use the system the more fields I display. This is getting in my way every day.

  • +

  • much needed

  • This is an issue on the Product > Requests page where the user has to scroll to the bottom of the page in order to see/use the horizontal scroll bar to see grid columns that aren't immediately visible in the view pane.

  • It is very annoying to have to scroll to the bottom to move the scroll bar to the right. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Very disappointed that it was not fixed with the recent upgrade.