It's really shocking just how dated the VersionOne Description textarea is. It's archaic and very 2001. Please let me switch out of this awful "rich" mode that doesn't honor basic keyboard shortcuts on OS X and let me just write in Markdown.


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  • This would be awesome for formatting options without a keyboard shortcut, especially inline code and <pre/>, which are easily done in markdown with ` and ``` respectively.

  • I agree, not being able to do something as simple as * for a bullet list makes typing out descriptions that much more difficult and cumbersome. I would love to see this updated so that I don't have to reach for my mouse, click the tiny little bulletpoint icon, and then continue typing.

  • I would agree with everything that Ryan A. has to say, after moving from JIRA to V1, it is apparent how sorely lacking V1 is in this area. Please make this improvement--I beg of you!

  • Agreed. This is truly becoming industry standard for these kinds of products. I second this.

  • I'm deeply saddened at the lack of either full WYSIWYG, HTML, or Markdown. Date check? 2017. Hmmm.

  • Also, this thing cannot handle images properly. Please fix! It resizes images to "massive" regardless of their actual size...

  • Oops, I just flagged Patrick T.'s comment as inappropriate. It is not, other than the fact that Idea 1104 is marked complete but did not address many of the issues listed under 1104. Let this new issue continue to collect and percolate ideas. MUCH work remains to make these fields fully functional and up to modern standards.

  • OK, so the images are sized correctly in edit mode, but once saved, they expand to fit the entire width. Certainly is a bug. Happens across browsers and across platforms (PC/mac)

  • Not having markdown support is really unfortunate and makes information unnecessarily difficult to organize and present in V1. This is really a hit to having clear communication among team members.