We created a few too many categories in an Idea Space and would now like to delete some. When working in the Idea Forum, I see how to add and edit, but not delete. Would like the ability to delete an Idea Category.


  • I would agree. It would be ideal to allow customers to have the option to inactivate a FORUM and Category when no longer applicable. the customer would be accountable for moving items accordingly. There should also be a DELETE option in case something was created in error. The customer is accountable for lost data if we delete a forum or category with associated data. Ideally, the solution would be able to recognize if data is associated and flag the user with a confirmation.. just like when closing a sprint or story.

    So, the add on is to have an Inactivate and Delete option. The curent design does not account for any items created in error and does not support organizational changes which would cause these types of things to change.

  • This is a quite an oversight to not be able to delete categories after they are created. You can only add and rename categories. As a quick fix can you at least make it possible to delete categories using the REST API?

  • I also agree that there needs to be a way to delete ideas categories. This seems to be a major oversight in the system.

  • Is there a status update on adding this feature? It would be useful to delete or archive a category.

  • +1

  • We have just started using Ideaspace and this is a must have. Please consider adding this feature.