In my organization, and I suspect many others, all most people know about agile comes from using VersionOne. If it isn't in VersionOne, it is not part of agile development (in their opinion).

One thing our process is missing is the "dog and pony show" at the end of the iteration. Part of the Scrum process is demoing to your stakeholders all your accomplishments at the end of the iteration. Commonly, not everything is demoes but 15-30 minutes worth of demos are conducted.

Since there is no place in V1 to organize such a demo, it is not happening. I suspect that we are not alone in this.

V1 should offer some rudimentary help for the demo. There should be a tab somewhere that indicates the demo is part of the close-out process. Each story could have a checkbox for "demoable" or "include in demo".


  • Your first paragraph scares me greatly, but I must accept it as true. Did you organization buy VersionOne and then go agile?

    It's clear that you already understand the horse is beating his head on the cart... feel free to use the user forums for help if needed since some of us are agile coaches also:

  • We didn't quite "buy VersionOne and then go agile", but close. We were "agile" and "scrum" in name, but most teams only paid lip service to it. One of the great benefits to us in using V1 is that it makes it much clearer what is necessary to actually be agile and use scrum. In a better world, each team lead, scrummaster, and product owner would be sent for agile training, but instead we brought in V1.

    As one of the few folks with agile training (but no authority), I find that it is usually easier to teach folks to use the tool the the technique. So I point out that the burndown chart is useless if you only task-out the stories when you start work. Trying to encourage anyone to task the stories on day one really didn't work, but now that we have a tool that is broken if the stories aren't tasked, our teams are doing a much better job of planning the iteration.

  • This is an excellent idea that would help every team we have.

  • We are in a situation where our demos do not always consist of demonstrations of 100% of the completed stories. The reason is that many of our teams' sprints are purely defect fixing activity at the moment. We are a large org in transition to scrum, and quality was an obvious item we want to improve by going agile, but legacy code is not magically fixed overnight, so here are trying to fix years of damage. If a team of 7 fix 50 defects in a 2 week sprint, no one wants to sit through a demo of 50 items, however we know for sure certain fixes must be evaluated by the stakeholders due to risk, ambiguity of proper fix, dependancies that may have been missed, etc. We have gone as far as having Product Owners pick what they need demoed, and then mail thier picks plus those not picked to all stakeholders, right after sprint planning is completed to solicit additional demo requests. So in this case, having a field for demo Y/N would be nice, and perhaps a report we can easly send to stakeholders who are not using V1 would help. But you and I (assuming you are an admin of your V1 system) can easily add a checkbox field to stories in VersionOne to track demo Y/N.