It seems that I have one set of credentials to enter a support ticket, yet another set of credentials to access IdeaSpace and still another set of credentials (which I cannot locate a reset widget for) to access the community site.

It would be far more convenient if there was one set of credentials which could be applied to support ticket entry, IdeaSpace and the community site. The current setup is not a very friendly or encouraging user experience.

Also - I cannot seem to even find a way to sign up for the community portal. How does one do that?

Thanks for any help you can offer - and please do take the steps to ease the current use case regarding credentials - thanks!


  • Updating this - the community portal login only applies to administrators of the group. Credentials are not required for the rest of us as the portal is open to all comers - this is not readily apparent, perhaps that could be made more clear? The original idea still applies, however - that credentials for support tickets and idea space should be merged.

  • This really needs to be done. I've just spent 10 minutes trying to submit an idea, and to also post a question in the support area. NONE of my actual V1 credentials work. And I'm re-submitting the same information multiple times.

    Single sign on, folks. Let's do it.