As a user of V1 I would like to be able to reply to a Conversation email alert and have my reply added to that Conversation. This would allow me to more seamlessly and efficiently keep the flow of work and ideas going. Having to link into V1 and wait (and wait) for the conversation to load tends to slow me down. Also when receiving email alert on my phone it is not practical to go into V1 and comment.

Many bug tracking systems have this ability, including Bugzilla and the system used by V1's support team. If it's not easy to do in V1, how about considering allowing this to work via say Bugzilla by improving the integration with that tool?


  • Someone from V1 provided this info below as an interim suggestion:

    Presently, an integration would be the way to go to add this functionality, and it is interesting that you have already thought of re-purposing an existing integration to accomplish this. There might be an easier/quicker way to create this integration; here is a link to the VersionOne Email-Conversations Integration [](binaries and source code) from our Community Contributed Integrations page. This might be a better starting point and might require less re-work/re-factor than the Bugzilla integration.

  • Thank link seems dead.

  • Not all V1 customers use the tool integrated with other tools (even if we're using those other tools). It would be preferable to be able to reply to the conversation thread directly through the email. Sometimes I'm on the V1 website on a nice large monitor, sometimes a small laptop, and a lot of times I'm getting the conversation notices on a smartphone. "Direct reply" would be ideal.

  • Absolutely! I'm in the same boat -- different devices, different sized displays, different connectivity. But they all have e-mail in common. And we don't have v1 integrated with other tools: we try to keep everything in v1.

    So indeed, direct reply via email to a conversation would be IDEAL.

  • This is crucial for us to move all conversations over to V1.

    Right now, when reaching out to someone who does not use V1 at all, we write emails (sending an invite to register is not a very nice gesture if the person only needs it for a single reply). With this feature, we would be able to track all internal and external conversations in V1, getting much greater visibility into what is happening around backlog items.

  • I agree. Liquid Planner has this feature and it's fantastic.

  • My organization could definitely use this capability with Outlook. However, VersionOne conversations would need to to be able to handle the additional formatting of HTML or rich text.

    An alternative would be to add the emails as an attachment and post a link to the conversation. If there are many emails within a conversation, then it would be beneficial to perhaps keep only the latest email, as long a diverging email chains are handled appropriately.

  • I would prefer NOT to add external e-mails as an attachment. They really... Really... REALLY need to go into the same stream as the existing conversations, else it is not a conversation.

    I'd rather [temporarily] deal with v1 stripping down HTML and RTF mail content to plain text within the conversation, than to deal with some of the conversation in one place and some in another. Multiple places for same information is NOT *AGILE*!

    [Of course, I'd rather also have simple HTML in the conversations too, but that's a different feature. :-) ]

  • This is an absolute MUST. Many other tools have this functionality even if most of their other features are not that developed. We have already had to spend a large amount of time explaining to people how to properly reply to VersionOne emails, reset their passwords, or even re-adding them as guest collaborators... A direct reply email feature would spare us all of this!

  • This really needs to be implemented, as this eliminates team members from having to manage long email threads or keeping them around to refer to later. And then having to pick apart the thread then add what may be relevant into V1.

  • This really needs to be implemented, as this eliminates team members from having to manage long email threads or keeping them around to refer to later. And then having to pick apart the thread then add what may be relevant into V1.

  • This would definitely help our process. We would like include internal users through conversations but many could be on their phones at the time or have to login to V1 (since they don't need to use it all the time) so they just end up replying through email (defeating the purpose of the Conversation). I have to either instruct them to login to V1 or I take their comments and piece them into the conversations for them. Would love for their comments to go directly into V1. Thanks!

  • This would be great to have.

  • Seems like a no brainer to me.

  • It would be good to get this prioritized or hear back on it. It seems to have gotten a lot of feedback.

  • Any update on this idea? We were just discussing it today and it would be a great new capability. Thanks!

  • this would be great

  • Pleas please implement this