When exporting the Epic Tree to Excel, it would be very useful to have the Epic Path export in the column labled Epic Path. Currently, this field does not export. For Epic hierarchies which are several layers deep, this is important to know when the data is exported. Otherwise, the hierarchy is lost.


  • Agreed. You need to be able to retain that hierarchy when exporting to Excel.
    --Don N.

  • I agree. The portfolio path information should be exported from the grid. The claim from support is that the path has an image in it. If so, the image should be removed, you can't see it anyway in the grid. So what's the purpose of the image if you can't see it?!

    Analysts need this portfolio path information exported to Excel.

    This should be an easy fix for the exporting engine.

  • I agree, this is very important to have this information for analysis.

  • Agreed. We need the Epic hierarchy path in the export.

  • Agreed. I was told by support that the reason this field will not export is "because there are images contained in the database tables for this field." Whether or not this makes sense I do not know, but it is a vital piece of information that it seems several organizations would like to use.

  • I'm told by our V1 admin that there's this idea out there and find that there hasn't been any activity for over a year. Regardless, the portfolio path info is a must to be able to properly analyze and work with the data in Excel. Please add!

  • Please move this up in the queue as a real need. The Planning Level Path is a critical piece of information and cannot be viewed by anyone who isn't already a Planning Level Member. It needs to be exported with the rest of the Planning Level data so it can be shared with new users trying to determine where a new Planning Level/project belongs.

  • We also need this functionalitity.

  • Unless I'm mistaken, this was actually working well until the 20.3.3 release, when it was removed as a "bug" ("Portfolio Item Root column shows all ID in the path and not the root Portfolio Item"), though it does appear to have been in the wrong field. How about you just include that data in the "Portfolio Item Path" field?

    I'm assuming here that the original author of this request, "Charlene", meant the "Portfolio Tree", and not "Epic Tree".