Our main requirement is to include the task/test ID on task/test cards. When referring to items in standup, or reviews, it's very handy to be able to refer to a task or test by its ID instead of the title. its faster, and less ambiguous. The tasks & tests have IDs but you cannot see these on the task and test boards.

One solution which would actually cover also several other ideas I've read would be to allow customisation of the card content, exactly as you now can for story cards.

It is possible to colour code, but this is only useful for list items, and you can only use one. I've seen ideas to show the assigned user, task type, date moved to in progress and so on. With colouring, only one list item can be shown. it would be a solution to several ideas to simply add full customisation like story cards.


  • We would like to replace Name of Owner to Short Name of Owner on the task cards to save space.