It would be very powerful if you would provide the ability to show current project charts (burn down, velocity, etc.) on a an internal web page or a project site, like SharePoint.

Existing project reporting should show current status from the SCRUM team. Senior management will not go to V1 to get their view, but even chickens need to cluck when the pigs are doing well (or not). I think this would be a win-win and I think you would have a big audience for this.

SharePoint is broadly distributed. Integration has to add to the value of VersionOne.


  • Integration with SharePoint is needed.

  • Sharing artifacts out of VersionOne through an anonymous URL would be a huge time saver! I agree, stakeholders have NO interest logging into VersionOne.

  • I agree. I really need a way to export reports for the intranet.

  • Absolutely agree

  • Custom report capabilities are limited and Senior Leadership wants SharePoint "vision" to read the same. Any plans on getting this rolling?

  • Agree with this.
    Also, if there is a way to export custom dashboards, containing several linked charts in an image file format would be helpful.