Add custom fields to a Regression Test - also include those custom fields created with a test when you convert a to Regression test


  • Make this a priority

  • Why have the ability to create custom fields in acceptance tests if the same custom fields do not carry over to a regression tests? Regression tests are generated from acceptance tests. This seems to be a major limitation and is very frustrating

  • Just stumbled accross this limitation and support this idea!

  • I agree with Richard. What is the point of customizing your AT's if the customized fields are not retained in an RT??

  • There are several limitations when converting an AT to an RT and this is a huge one of them.

  • This would be a great implementation

  • trying to migrate our test management suite to V1 and need to have custom fields for parity and also when converting acceptance tests to regression losing out custom fields from acceptance tests in regression tests.

  • This one is preventing us form adopting V1 for test case management.

  • We need this avaibility to migrate our existing regression tests from an other tool to VersionOne.

  • Currently, we cannot use Version One as a test management tool without at least this feature.

    So, I do support this idea also!

  • +1

  • +1. This is crazy not to support this!