When there are multiple attachments on an item, there is no way to see which one is more recent. It would be nice if there was an "Upload Date" column or something like that.


  • This should also be placed in the History. Anything that is added to an item should be tracked as an event that can be viewed.

  • This is a key piece of functionality as we are unable to reference a date against a build.

  • Absolutely necessary when an item goes back and forth between Dev & Test with screenshot attachments as proof. Being able to sort by a date is crucial.

  • +1 to both adding a date column and being able to sort on it, as well as adding this to the history.

  • ditto to Sean's comment. It's very important to be able to know sequence of attachments in order to know which is most recent.

  • Date an attachment added will be helpful to sort thru to the latest. if the same attachment is added multiple times.

  • My Dev's/QA often load the same document more than once and I can not tell which is the more current one without a date.

  • +1

  • This would also make it easier to see which attachments may have been original to a story or defect and which were potentially added after the fact.

  • This has been brought up in our organization as well. It would be extremely helpful to add a date file to the attachments grid.

  • Agreed. This is certainly one of those things that makes VersionOne more confusing for most users. This needs to be done, and I'm sure tons of users run into this situation.

    While testing this, I uploaded multiple versions of an image using the exact same name, but I visually changed the 2nd one. It *appears* that the attachments are sorted by the date/time they were uploaded (oldest at the top). At least you can tell which is newer (I know users can also change the "Title" field to indicate a date, but they shouldn't have to), but you can't tell the actual date/time that it was uploaded. I'm sure that's often very important information.

  • +1 This should be done.

  • Hello VersionOne,

    This idea has over 60 votes. This is just an extra timestamp column! Are you really serious?

    Please add this info asap.

  • Teams in my organization are also requesting this functionality.

  • As long as we're requesting upload date, displaying the size of the attachment would make a lot of sense too. Even just giving us the ability to customize the attachment grid with some of that information would be awesome!