Currently the color wheel used for the story card dot decorations is in a set order. It would be helpful to be able to define a specific color for a specific value. For example, we use the story board for kanban, and we use the color dots for priority. Based on the current default order of the color wheel, our urgent items appear with a blue dot. We would like to be able to define this as red instead.


  • I would like to see this option as well. I found myself looking at our board and couldn't remember what color designated what priority. The colors selected for us are not intuitive, just arbitrary.

  • I would suggest the primary colors and secondary colors would be the first six mapped, since I think they would be the most commonly used. I would personally order them as: green, red, yellow, blue, orange, purple. Perhaps grey would be next, followed by other shades of the primary and secondary, and perhaps other shades of grey. IMHO, the ability to custom define my own color map is overkill, I just want the primary and secondary colors first.

  • I use the dot to show class of service. In my case expedite is a light blue color, hardly a priority color. I would also like to select color or at a minimum set the color to red.