The biggest reason to fix this (from now 3 years ago!) is when switching to a projector for meetings, the reduced resolution causes fields that normally fit on larger screens to wrap and in some cases to get truncated on the right (so that the Edit button is not even visible!). If we could set the column widths, even if they truncate the field content, we could customize the table to fit the lower resolution for meetings but still maximize the number of rows that are visible and prevent truncation of the table display on the right-hand side.


  • I'm generating simple reports using the "Task Quicklist" report in V1. I have some text fields (that I want to display) that sometimes contain too much data in a single line, and a horizontal scrollbar is appearing in the report.
    There should be a way to resize the column width of particular columns in the report. A truncation of the data, or column wrapping would help.

  • Please fix this, when screen width is not wide enough I have a ton of space in the backlog name and then the ID wraps making the rows twice as tall as they need to be...