I would like the ability to print epic cards for a physical tracking board.


  • This would also be nice for running workshops when it is quite efficient to be able to work with physical cards grouping and arranging on a big table or on a floor.

  • This would be very helpful for visual management techniques.

  • I agree, this is a valuable part of our overall process. The ability to print these out as cards would be valuable for my teams.

  • The ability to print the EPIC cards is critical. It also helps in release planning on physical boards.

  • This is really a basic featue missing, and we need to copy and paste feature Headings, descriptions & Test Case/Acceptance Criteria manually into a power point template feature by feature each time we do PI planning, an dit is not popular among our product management team. Please support inclusion for Feature Heading, Descritption field, WSJF weight and Test Case/Acceptance Criteria Headings associated to the feature

  • Hmmm, I've been looking for this feature to print epic cards (with selected fields) too as also we are manually copying the data from an Excel template into Version 1 and vice versa.

  • One more !!