Add the ability to configure standard work days for card aging (or minimally be able to exclude weekends).

Currently cards age over weekends.


  • If I understand you correctly, you want WIP limits on the story board to behave based on the include/exclude weekends user preference (or even user definable working days - which I really want to see too). I think this is needed, for instance if a team does not work weekends, and has a couple with a WIP limit of 2, and the item is placed there on a friday, it is already in violation of the WIP limit of 2. The Cycle time chart on the Storyboard also does not work with the show weekends setting. It does work for burndowns however.... Seems inconsistent.

  • I think WIP limit is counted separately regardless of work days. I think what Matthew is requesting is to add 2 weekend days from X days in this column threshold (Board Options/ Column Threshold Days). Currently, it includes weekends by default and there is no way to control this behavior.

  • The issue is that if I set a threshold to 4 days and someone starts a story on Friday, on Monday it is already being flagged as being in queue for 4 days. I really just want to define work days.

  • This seems like a pretty significant oversight. Unless a team works 7 days a week, the Threshold (Days) feature is essentially unusable.

  • This has a HUGE impact on practicing kanban, and I'm surprised you can't take weekends out of cycle time... when can we expect a fix on this? Thanks!

  • Agreed. We've had several teams complain about this. It'd be good to know where this sits on the future roadmap.

  • Please consider moving this up in priority. This is a huge oversight, and makes the essential Kanban metrics unreliable. For a team just starting with Kanban, meeting their SLA is a commitment and a goal, and this makes the data so far off from reality. Thank you!

  • Please exclude weekends and give it priority. Thank you.

  • I think cycle time would be much more useful if the system were smart enough to exclude weekends. Also Holidays or custom time periods would be nice as well... but let's start with weekends!

  • Agreed, we are using kanban and this is a huge problem -- for us a really significant defect in the tool.

  • Would valuable to have this fixed

  • WIP Threshold limits is useless for teams that do not work weekends as stories added before the weekend are often in violation on Monday. Please correct this as we use it to trigger conversations in scrum.

  • There should be one configurable setting. It lets you pick the "in" days and "out" days. This setting applies to the entire project or tool- including metrics/storyboards/etc. It's really difficult when it's applying to some reports but not other areas of the tool. And agreed, it is changing our teams' behaviors, when they don't want to start any work on a Thursday or Friday. Thanks!

  • One of my team member noticed and it seems to be annoying to the team member , as they are not ideally intended to count the weekend. The story moved to QA on Friday. We have defined a threshold of 2 days in QA till it is picked up for verification.

    The team member picked it up on Monday and it has already passed the threshold...

    IMHO Version One please consider fixing this anomaly.

  • This continues to come up with the team and often causes confusion.

  • Yeah members on my team don't like to move cards to in progress on Friday's because by Monday it looks like they are behind.

  • My team encounters many of the same issues mentioned above, and wholeheartedly agrees that this is an important enhancement that really needs to be added to V1. It will contribute to more accurate metrics, a better user experience, and will make Kanban more functional overall in the tool.

  • Thinking in value stream terms, how helpful would it be to track calendar time, working days, and touch time separately for a workflow?

    This would support measurement of lead time and process efficiency, not just an approximation of cycle time (build or otherwise) tied to the definition of "working days" per week. And, this could open up a whole area of additional reporting for Kanban teams, including finding waste-causing, spots in a workflow.

  • It is not possible to get an update on if this issue will be fixed and when? It is really annoying as we have just decided to add a limit on days in Progress and now find that it is completely useless due to the weekend days are included.....

  • I concur that this issue makes the card aging feature unusable.

  • Ideally, this would allow you to define a teams work days (Mon-Fri vs Sun-Sat) and even set up holidays which would be one time days that don't count against the aging as well.

  • Seriously, this needs to be addressed.