If one day in the Sprint is a public holiday, the burndown line on that day will be flat. This is annoying and gives a wrong impression of the burndown. I need something to exclude certain days from the burndown.


  • AGreed - this would be nice in many respects. I think it really should be related to capacity planning settings per user or team. We are globally distributed so we would need to have calendars for multiple sites since holidays are different. I hate to make reference to a waterfall tool, but MS Project has a nice way to manage capacity by person, by group etc.

  • Capacity by person and/or by group is what is really needed. And the need is for more than just a dumb 'ideal' line. What is really need is 'remaining capacity'.

  • Oh, but I wouldn't remove the holiday... I would make the ideal line reflect it by being flat there, too. :)

  • It would probably be more useful if the program allowed us to pick days in the sprint that are "holidays" that can be blacked out or not counted or whatever. This would make the feature open-ended enough to satisfy all types of corporate, public and religious holidays.

  • I concur with Andre, an ability to exclude days is useful. It would also be useful to be able to include days, for teams that work the odd Saturday.

  • I agree with Andre and Chuck. Certain companies or groups simply have floating holidays or may even work all holidays. It should be accounted for in capacity now.

  • As a scrum master who uses Version One, I would like the ability in the sprint planning -> sprint edit function to have an interactive calendar that allows the selection of days of the month (on the calendar), rather than having a date range to pick from.
    I'll know this is done when I can pick certain days of the month for my sprint, and these dates will be reflected in the charts.

  • I agree with John A - "Capacity by person" is what is needed. The ideal line should not be straight. If no work will be done on that holiday, the ideal line should reflect that. If one person of your two man team is planning to go on vacation, the ideal line should decline half as sharply during that time period.

  • Concur with Andre N.
    It should be flexible enough to allow the admin to designate ANY day as a non-work day.

  • Agreed. It is quite misleading when the burn down plan continues to show progress continuing during non-working periods.

  • It is important to allow holidays that span multiple days. Our company has between Christmas Eve and New Years off which may fall mid-iteration. Also we get Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving off.

  • AGREED! This would be a great enhancement!

  • Admin's could be allowed to configure a list of days to remove from burndown and velocity graphing and calculations... weekends, holiday, and custom added (everyone's is different).

  • Agree. This is a real problem for teams that run on a 9/80 schedule. The Off-Friday makes a step on the burndown chart that makes it very difficult to use. Would prefer the ability to remove the Off-Friday from the chart.

  • Agree! Lack of excluding public holidays hits our burndown. Also we are running in onshore and offshore modal which has different holiday calendar. it will be better if we exclude the holidays for resources one time for a year.

  • We REALLY need to be able to remove holidays from our schedule. If using Kanban, that can double the amount of time it takes for a story to get finished. If a team's working agreement is a SLA of 7 days- adding a weekend in there can greatly affect stats. This is very important, thank you.

  • AND please allow removal from cumulative flow diagram

  • Agree with above points - we should be able to exclude holidays, include weekend workdays, and define custom "non-working" days (e.g. release planning, training) from burn-down and burn-up reports.

  • This should apply to all reports and the Analytics panels

  • This is a very important as it creates skewed reporting