The 2010 change allowing users to delete their own conversations is helpful, but it would be much more useful to allow editing, even under restricted circumstances. We had a situation in which there were four conversations, and the first one had to be corrected. The user deleted his first one and then resubmitted it (in the fourth position). This left the other three referring to a non-existent conversation – very confusing. In our situation, the error was noticed by someone other than the author; thus having a timer to allow editing for a short period after submittal would not have helped.

It would be nice if each user were allowed to edit their own conversations. Someone with Admin privileges could edit any conversation, such as one from a departed employee.


  • This would especially be helpful for tagging issues/tasks/tests/people to a conversation without having to add a new note.

  • +1 to Michael's comment, even if I cannot edit the contents, I would like to be able to mention someone without creating a new note that just says "look at the previous message"

  • We often forget to tag people on the original comment and either have to add an additional comment to allow for the person to be included or we delete and start over. This then pings everyone on the conversation twice and it can get confusing, as they see the same conversation twice in a row.

    If we had the ability to put a delay on conversations of a minute and allow for the editing / adding of tagged members, this would be a HUGE help to our organization.

  • Additionally, editing of a conversation to add additional people OUTSIDE of the 1 minute window to simply add an additional member should be allowed an only notify the new subscriber.

  • I support being able to mention additional people or assets, but I would strongly oppose being able to edit the conversation itself.

  • Editing option is needed.

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