I want to be able to sort by Owner the same way that I can sort by other columns. I understand that the Owner field may have multiple values and I'm OK with those exceptions potentially being sorted differently - just list all the names out and sort the contents of the entire field alphabetically. I'd much rather have this than be forced to go to the Member Planning and Member Tracking pages to see a list organized by Owner. I do a lot of my work from the main Backlog page under Product Planning, so I want to be able to have this option there especially with any subset of my backlog.


  • Agree, frequent complaint among my users.

  • Yes - this is extremely frustrating and I eventually end up exporting to Excel and sorting in it!

  • Filtering by owner would also work in our case. One of our major complaints is that you can't find your documents, ones you own and ones you created.

  • Filtering by owner is an alternative solution, as the previous comment states, but the filters are cumbersome to use when I'm trying to run through multiple people during a meeting.

  • ubject: RE: Cannot sort stories by Owner

    Yes, I know about the filtering. As a Project Manager, if there is only one field to sort, it would be the Owner field. For example, sorting by task name has no real value when you are sitting with all your team and all want to know who is doing what - without filtering and thus hiding the rest of the information. Are you going to change this? I am sure that several projects managers already complained about the same thing.



  • PLEASE!!! This is our biggest problem. When we have 50 items on the Task List, we need to be able to see how much Joe has, how much Pete has, how much Sarah has, etc. Currently I have to hunt and search, which defies the whole idea of the Stand-Up, which is FAST. without sorting available by developer, we can't get a good understanding of how much work each person has to do.


  • This is definitely a need for our team. I agree with all of the comments above. It takes too long to view each person's items when we have a large team.

  • Also a need for us to sort by Owner. Does VersionOne have a list of updates they are scheduling so we can see what problems are scheduled to be "fixed"? We see many notes that discuss problems/needs, how do we know any of these items are on the V1 repair list?

    Mark E.

  • Yes! This is a clear feature need...there are many ways to work around this, but a simple fix would be great!

  • This would be a good thing to have

  • Yes please. Has been requested by users and "management".

  • When doing a sprint review, its very helpful to be able to sort by user instead of bouncing around the room. Also since we don't task out our user stories during the planning meeting, its hard to see in one place, which user stories are assigned to which user to make sure you haven't overflowed anyone.

  • Frankly, I don't think a user story should be ALLOWED to have multiple owners. Task it out anyway you want, but the scrummaster needs to know who's accountable for the work getting done.

  • Several on my team have requested the option to sort by Owner. It is especially helpful for projects where most BLIs have single owners. If multiple owners are assigned, the list can be sorted using the first name listed. Just having the option would be beneficial and appreciated.

  • Please prioritize this !!, its needed during planning for SM/PO.